Pink Tourmaline Crystal Point

Pink Tourmaline Crystal Point

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Crystals contain various healing and energetic qualities and connect us deeply to the earth.  They also reveal properties of stillness that lay the groundwork for inner reflection and healing.  They ask nothing of us and in return all we need to do is to open ourselves to feel and listen.

We have carefully sourced our crystals to be sure that they are coming to you direct from the mines with the highest standards.  Currently our crystals are sourced from Brazil, Morocco, India, Uruguay, Bolivia, Madagascar, Congo and Peru.  Our carefully sourced crystals are sure to bring Joy to the recipient!  

Pink Tourmaline provides qualities of love and protection.  It helps to protect against negative energy as well as negative self-talk.  This special crystal also strengthens your self-compassion, and self-love.  It provides healing for the heart. Use your Pink Tourmaline Point to improve your self-esteem and strengthen your qualities of self-love and compassion.  

Pink Tourmaline Points are approximately 3"-4".  Sizes are approximate as all crystals are unique.