Nobodo HBC Mist
Nobodo HBC Mist

Nobodo HBC Mist

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This is NOT a DEODORANT, but rather a perfume like deodorizer that can be sprayed in your Home on your Body or in your Car. You can be creative with your mists from spraying them in your hair before you blow dry it or on your couch, curtains, closets and wherever you keep your dirty clothes, garbage and more

Nag Champa HBC Fragrant Water Deodorizing Mist for HOME-BODY-CAR by Nobodo,Inc. - What can I say other than this scent reminds me of walking into a spiritual temple that has incense burning or as you would walk into a bohemian like store. This has a very heavy base noted scent and can be worn by both men and women.

Egyptian Goddess HBC Fragrant Water Deodorizing Mist by Nobodo,Inc. - This is a light and sexy scent, that is great for all year round. This scent has been a favorite by many women for years, and is known to make the men go gaga....

Lavender-Vanilla The sweet aromatic fragrance of this combination evokes a feeling of calm and tranquility. Perfect for bedtime with a spray or two on your pillow or after a relaxing bath. This would also be great sprayed in a room while getting a massage

As with all of Nobodo HBC Mists, you can spritz your bedding, curtains, towels, clothes, areas where you keep your dirty laundry or garbage and even in your hair when its wet so that when you either blow dry your hair or let air dry the scent will hold all day long.