Ayurvedic Total Bliss Combination Treatment
Ayurvedic Total Bliss Combination Treatment

Ayurvedic Total Bliss Combination Treatment

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Abhyanga Body Therapy, followed by a Mini Face Rejuvenation + Shirodhara ~ 2.5 hours

In an Abhyanga treatment, warm organic herbal oil is applied to the body in a specific choreographed way designed to reroute the flow of prana (life force energy) through the body, move lymph, assist in toxin removal, nourish tissue and joints, balance the nervous system, as well as vata dosha, and produce a quality of deep relaxation and harmony for mind, body and spirit.  

The Mini Face Rejuvenation focuses on reducing tension and reviving energy in the face and head - places of deeply held stress that result in facial lines and pressure. The treatment begins with a gentle massage and exfoliation to the face using raw silk gloves. Followed by marma therapy, which focuses on applying light pressure to specific areas of energy in the face and head to balance the flow of prana (life force energy). Steam is applied through the use of hot towels and the face is cleansed, detoxified, toned and moisturized through the application of all-natural Ayurvedic products containing the healing benefits of the Earth. This luxurious treatment leaves skin feeling deeply nourished and mind with a renewed sense of clarity and focus.

The ancient Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment applies warm herbal oil over the forehead and third eye in a steady stream. It is relaxing, calming and nourishing to the central nervous system and deeply grounding, as the oil represents the Earth element. This treatment quiets both the mind and the senses allowing the body’s natural healing mechanisms to release stress. It also improves mental clarity and focus and stimulates the relaxation response, alleviating “fight or flight” and allowing the body to enter a state of “rest and digest”. Clients may experience deep connection to inner truth and an enhanced meditative state, as well as improved sleep and an overall reduction in stress. 

The treatment begins with a guided relaxation, incorporates essential oils specifically tailored to the client’s needs, and ends with a scalp massage, leaving the scalp invigorated and the hair rejuvenated and luxurious. 


*Please wear comfortable clothing that can get oily. For treatments that include Shirodhara, bring a 3 cup glass jar for the oil, which can be used at home on the body and the hair. You may also want to bring an old hat or bandanna. We suggest a light meal and plenty of water before all of our Ayurvedic treatments.