What do crystals do and why are Long Islanders seeking them out?

How to deal in a crazy year where life seems anything but normal? Some are turning to crystals and purveyors of the from-the-earth stones are noting a surge in interest and sales.

"People are looking to things that are more spiritual and offer a higher level of awareness to be in touch with themselves, get a better sense of clarity and to move ahead to better times," says Michele Accardi, 65, who opened The Wishing Crystal in Lindenhurst last month.

These times call for a calm, echoes Laura Shockley, 45, the owner of Joyful Treasures in Point Lookout, a gift boutique with a large crystal inventory that opened in June. Her crystals are trending with teens. "Over the last month and a half, they’re coming in and buying loads of them," she says. But it's not just teenagers. "People are wanting to be uplifted and to create a sense of peace."

Monika Wolfe, 54, of Port Washington has decorated her home with a substantial crystal collection. A gigantic amethyst, which in the crystal world signifies magic, mystery, royalty and good judgment and will supposedly get rid of obstacles and restore balance, is the star of her collection. "I like my eyes to land on them everywhere I look," she says. Her reasoning is less mystical and more about aesthetics. "I think they’re all beautiful and they make me happy, and when you’re happy you feel better."


Finding the crystal that's right for you can sometimes be a process, the experts say. Accardi, who is also a Reiki master and practitioner, sometimes swings a pendulum over her customers as a diagnostic tool to help determine which of their "chakras" are stuck and what crystal to "prescribe."

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